Everyone can use more space. Just look at garages with doors open, as you drive down a residential street this summer. It’s not just the concept of better storage; a house can feel too small, just because most of your possessions are out in the middle of the room, on countertops, or shoved up against walls. Here are some things you can do:

  • Build drawers and closet under stairs (or have someone build them for you).
  • Make optimum use of corner cabinets in the kitchen; lazy susans, corner drawers and pull-out type shelving work wonders here.
  • In bathrooms, you can have shelves or a cabinet installed in the wall, which will reduce the visual use of space in a small room, while getting things off the counter or the floor.
  • Even though it is popular to have a high ceiling that goes clear to the underside of the attic or roof, think about how many square feet of space you could get if you forgo the high ceiling and just run the second floor all the way across.
  • Another way to get ┬ámore use out of the square footage you have, is to have built-in storage cabinets or cubbies/shelves in a bedroom or living room; organize the clutter!
  • Two story homes often have long, narrow attic “rooms” off both sides of the second floor. These can be insulated (if desired), flooring installed on the joists and the attic space used for storage. Short doors can be used for access.
  • Building storage under a bed is another way to get clutter off the floor without adding a closet or another dresser.
  • Built-in bookshelves can fit just about anywhere. Besides lining a wall or flanking a fireplace, a bookcase can create an alcove, surround a window or door, sit under a stairway, follow you up the steps, even create separate a room into two rooms.

Long, narrow attic space being finished for storage room