Every bathroom needs a properly sized exhaust fan to keep the room smelling fresh and to get rid of as much moisture as possible.

To accomplish this, it is the wise homeowner who selects a quiet exhaust fan as the noisy ones make it annoying to leave on long enough to complete their task. An energy star certified quiet exhaust fan is the best solution. This provides the required ventilation for a bathroom, laundry room, or any other area needing powerful, energy efficient and effective ventilation.Bath remodel showing white styled shower with large rectangular vessel sink, penny round floor tiles, Bellingham

A round duct connector with damper will protect against backdrafts, and models with an integrated humidistat sense the humidity level of the room and automatically turn on the fan to maintain the preferred relative humidity. Better even than a time!

A quality exhaust fan will reduce mold and moisture problems in bathrooms and keep the room fresh.

Ask your contractor to recommend the best size and model for your bathroom; some rooms are quite small, others very large, and you want one that is sized for the space. Also, be sure to get the features you want; some homeowners prefer a timer, others want the humidistat control. Also, some come with lights, some not!