You should include accessibility options even if you do not plan on staying in your home through the rest of your life. An active family member can have to deal with a broken leg, anyone can have unexpected health issues that cause the bathroom to become a hazardous place.

Bathrooms can be upgraded without losing any style! In fact, some of the modifications are common in spa-like motel bathrooms.

Comfort height toilets are a great convenience for everyone, and look just the same as every other toilet. Good lighting is important, so include all that work in your space, options include; vanity lighting, recessed lighting (over the shower lights are nice), and even sun tunnels and the natural light from a window.

Select non-skid tile for the floor as well as within the shower stall itself, for obvious re

Tiled shower, niche

asons! Curbless shower entries are great for both looks and to make it a wheelchair accessible shower. Don’t forget that shower bench, we all love those, along with the hand held shower head that one will need to bathe while seated.