If it is time to upgrade the bathroom, then you should consider some features that may not have been included in the original bath.

Whether you are young, or at retirement age, adding some features that make life easier for mobility impaired persons is a good idea. Anyone can suffer from an injured leg or other health issue that makes getting around more difficult.

Here are some of the features that should be included in every bathroom, and more frequently are!

  1. Grab bars, especially in the shower or shower/tub.
  2. Low threshold shower entry.
  3. Bench in the shower, with hand held shower head.
  4. Good lighting, so anyone can see where they are stepping, with night lights for those late night trips.
  5. Non-skid tile flooring. Not all tile installed in bathrooms is non-skid, be sure yours is.
  6. Easy to operate handles for the lav and the shower or tub.

That will get your remodel off to a great start, and will make using the bathroom safer for everyone, not just the mobility impaired!