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Bellinghamsters are remodeling their kitchens at a fast pace these days. Kitchens, and specifically, kitchen cabinets, are a prime focus.

If you have nice, solid wood cabinets that are arranged to your liking, you can keep them, but have them refinished. New hardware will really update their appearance.

Some cabinets weren’t much to start with, and have become an eyesore after many years of use. In that case, having them torn out and replaced with custom cabinets is the best option. Details like pull-out cooking ware storage bins are great for allowing you to both store your pans, and find them in a snap when needed. No more banging around lids and pots when searching for just the right one!

Rose Construction has been remodeling kitchens, including cabinets, for 30 years in Bellingham; give us a call and find out what we can do for you.

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