Any remodeling project has an almost endless list of things to consider, from the all-important budget to the colors and style you want. In a bathroom, the part of the remodel that is outclassed by the shower, tub, sink, faucet, lighting and flooring is  . . . . wait for it . . . the walls! Will they be painted? Tiled?

Especially in smaller bathrooms, the walls can have a huge impact on the impression the bathroom creates.

The NKBA, or National Kitchen and Bath Association, has a nice article that can help with decisions on what to do with those walls. The paint, tile, and glass block options are discussed.

Nice use of glass block in a bath
Nice use of glass block
Unique lav and painted walls
Unique lav and painted walls

So, get your inspiration together and get started! A good contractor can help with the details.