There are many ways to upgrade a bathroom, here are some that you might like!

Tiled Shower Remodel Whatcom CountyHave your shower replaced, and include glass shower doors to open up the bathroom and make the shower itself brighter and lighter.

If you like dark walls, go ahead and indulge but use light, contrasting trim to brighten the space, you’ll love the look.

Tile is easier to clean than painted walls, so go ahead, if you like the look of tile, and have more of the walls tiled. not just the shower! bath remodel, tile walls around toilet

Have custom cabinets built to store all those bath-roomy-things you always want right where you use them!

New fixtures will do wonders for how you feel about your bathroom! A new lav faucet looks stylish, and matching the shower fixtures to the faucet brings everything together.

Add towel warmers to make your after-shower experience so much better! bath, corner pedestal sink, corner mirrors