Have you ever tried painting your home (on the inside) yourself? It takes a very long time, with all that taping around window trim, the ceiling, the floor . . . It’s a lot of work with sometimes questionable results, for some of us!

Hiring a professional will ensure the job gets done quickly and to your satisfaction. We sometimes wait too long to have our home interior painted, as one can tend to stop seeing the smudges and chips around the doors. They happen over time, and we sometimes don’t realize how far it has gone.

Basement remodel, guest bedroom

You can select new colors as well, and that will make the home feel new. Your professional will clean the walls, prepping them for the application of paint, and you can sit back and enjoy the result!

We had a Bellingham area client request painting most of the inside of their home. Here are some photos to motivate you.living room painted