When the nights start to get longer, we tend to turn inward into our homes, as we spend more time indoors.

bath, corner pedestal sink, corner mirrorsNumber one is probably light! In Bellingham, it gets dark as early as 4:30 pm during the longest nights. So what your home needs is the ability to provide all the light you want, where you want it. Dimmable light switches are a great solution, as is task lighting for where you need the light the most.

Make sure that kitchen is up to entertaining, and have guests over for snacks or for meals. There’s nothing like conversation and laughter to brighten up a home. For this reason, many homeowners are opening up their kitchens so that guests and family can converse with the cook during meal preparation. Perhaps a wall should be removed, or a “window” can be created in a wall that allows for visual and conversational communication.

While we are on the subject of guests, how is that guest bathroom? Does it make you cringe when you know company is coming over? Then it is time for a change! The cost to remodel a small guest bathroom is small, since the space is so small! Often times it is only a sink and a toilet, making for low outlay for the materials.Compact bellingham kitchen remodel

So, don’t get dread the winter months, make that home cozy and welcoming! Yes, we all want to save on electricity, but sometimes you just need to turn up the lights. Do it, it will make you feel better. And if the lights just aren’t doing it for you, perhaps it is time to have some new fixtures installed. We can help with that, too!