It’s always tempting to try to save money, and lets face it, home maintenance and upgrades can be expensive. That said, it is way to easy to assume we can “do that”, by watching an online video or two and buying the materials ourselves.

Not to mention, injuries from electrical mishaps, climbing on our roofs, etc., are possible downsides to DIY projects. Many homeowners, in retrospect, wish they had hired a professional to do the work.

Building codes are there for a reason, and it’s important that they be followed in any project. For instance, decks over a certain height off the ground are required to have a railing; and what is required for construction of the railing has been determined due to many injuries through the years. A licensed contractor will know the codes and can build that deck and railing safely.

There are many mistakes one can make while choosing to work on their home. From selecting the wrong materials, to building something not up to code. When Redfin, a nationally known real estate brokerage, asked us to contribute to an article about common DIY mistakes to avoid, we jumped at the opportunity. Check out the article, DIY Home Projects: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, and see what we have to say.