Few places in the home are truly just for you, allowing for an expression of unique decor and bathroom ideas to turn your special area into an oasis away from daily stresses.

Change out the shower head to a rain shower type – these produce a very relaxing, refreshing shower experience.

Heated towel bars provide a cozy warm towel for you when exiting the shower; and for the ultimate shower experience, have heated floors, there is nothing like stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor.

The bathroom can be a place of chaos, with all the items we need to keep there! Shaving products, toothbrushes, haircare products. How to fix? Smart storage solutions. For example, small baskets for each category that you can toss yo

Built in wall storage and new flooring

ur products in before shutting the vanity doors.  Bath vanities with storage drawers, cabinets built above the counter top, and even shelving built into the wall.