The problem with trends is that they’re over quickly and can date your wardrobe or project. When you incorporate trends into your wardrobe it’s easy to move on when the trend is over. However, that’s not nearly as simple to do when the trend is used in your decor or remodel. For example, one of the newest trends, plaid, may once again be exclusively used by Washingtonian males wearing sandals-with-socks and college dorm rooms once the fad is over. Therefore, plaid wall-to-wall carpet may not be the best idea unless you plan to remodel again in a year.

Trends don’t last, which is why I’ve been excited to see subway tiles used so much recently. Yes, it is a definite trend but the difference is that this is an affordable classic element that will never go out of date. Once the trend has run its course, subway tiles will still look elegant and beautiful. They are extremely versatile and work well with almost every decor style from historic to sleek to shabby chic. Want to see a few  examples? Well, take a gander at just two samples from our portfolio:

Tile and ToiletAbove: Subway tile in non-standard 4″x8″ plays against mosaic flooring and marble in this updated bathroom.

Subway Tile BackgroundAbove: Standard sized subway tile (3″x6″) and a deco strip provide a classic backsplash for the kitchen in this historic home.

Subway tiles are also available with a bevel if you want a more 3d appearance. If you’re going for the handmade variety, the possibilities are almost endless (just ask your tile maker but be prepared for sticker shock). And, if course, if you’re going after the true trend, try subway tiles in another color (black and gray seem popular in the blogosphere) or install the tiles vertically rather than horizontally. Search online for inspiration and realize that in ten years your subway tile will look classic whereas your plaid carpeting may be tomorrow’s version of avocado fixtures.

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