Minor kitchen remodels are a popular home improvement project. It stops short of gutting the kitchen and installing new everything, but includes enough to make that old kitchen sparkle. Refinished cabinets and drawers, new sink and fixtures, new countertops (of the moderately priced laminate materials), painting and new light fixtures. Who wouldn’t like that?

Kitchen remodel

Another popular home improvement  scheme is a major bathroom remodel. This smallest room in the house takes a beating from all the moisture and frequent use, so they do need upgrading sooner than other spaces. A full remodel will include tile work, lighting, new fixtures for shower, and/or tub, new sink and faucet, cabinet, and more electrical work than you might think! The electrical must be done by a professional, as the wet environment makes it critical that it be done safely.

Basement remodels are popular, as the space already exists, and usually has not been laid out properly or finished. It can be annoying to the homeowner to live in a somewhat cramped environment, knowing there is all that space that if designed well and finished could make family life and entertaining so much more enjoyable!

Basement bath with custom natural maple, shaker style vanity cabinet  Bellingham basement remodel, after photo






Basement remodel, after, guest bedroom