Sometimes we want to just replace a broken toilet tank cover or a leaking faucet; but you go into the store, and oh no! They don’t make that model anymore! This happen to you? It happens to me a lot, I have an older home.Bathroom Remodel with Storage

When it does happen, sometimes it’s just time to redo the whole bathroom. This can be done on a budget by keeping all the plumbing fixtures in the same location, or if budget is no issue, you can have the room rearranged to suit your tastes! addition built to join two small cottages

The first thing to consider is space. Most older homes have bathrooms that feel too small by today’s standards. There are several ways to increase space, depending on how the home is laid out. Taking space from a closet or moving the bathroom wall out a foot or two into the bedroom are two; depending on the size of the bedroom, of course!Bellingham bath remodel, double lav sinks, lighting, mirrors

Or an addition can be built allowing you to get square footage you want.

Style, fixture selection, and color scheme are all important. Large showers with low or no-threshold entries are popular, often with multiple shower heads. Be sure to include a niche or two to hold shampoo and other useful items.

As always, we advise homeowners to include several grab bars;Bathroom Faucets Finishes you don’t have to be mobility impaired to appreciate a sturdy hand-hold when the floor is slippery with soap and water! There are many stylish models available that will only add to your new bathrooms appeal.