Looking for ideas for a bathroom refresh? Lots of homeowners are ditching the tub in favor of a shower that fits in the same footprint.  Some of the color schemes of the old bathroom fixtures just aren’t doing it for us anymore.

Showers are versatile as well; for clients as they age, are better able to safely use a shower, especially if grab bars are installed, and that small  curb is easier to step over than the somewhat high bathtub side.

Showers can even be built without a door or shower curtain, making cleaning easier, and giving the room a stylish look.

Consider new lighting fixtures, as the right amount of light in the right places makes getting ready for the day easier, and new fixtures can totally change the look of the room.

New paint and tile will do wonders for the room. Be sure to include a new, quiet exhaust fan on a timer. It will keep the room fresh, and you won’t have to remember to turn it off!