But you already knew that, didn’t you? Color, patterns, texture and moisture protection make tile a ubiquitous element in bathroom design. Necessary, yes, but done well, tile will turn an ordinary bathroom into a work of art.

However, if you have more of a conservative bent, perhaps a spa-style classic tile is more your thing. These tend to consist of soothing colors and interesting but calming patterns (yes, tile patterns can be “noisy”).tiled bathroom remodel

Selecting large format tile and using a one-way slope enables easy access for a curbless shower that will allow you to stay into your home as you age. Using one tile throughout makes a room feel larger.

However, use that primary tile to frame a second, smaller tile for the shower floor. If your main tile of choice does not offer good slip resistance on the shower floor, you can frame that small tile with your larger tile. Then use the small tile for accents in the room, and on the shower walls!Bath remodel showing contrasting small tiles on floor

Have fun with shower tile, and if you go for the European wet room bath design, you have an endless amount of possibilities for tile designs.