Choosing or replacing kitchen cabinets is one of the biggest investments in a kitchen, so you’ll want something you won’t have to change, paint or refresh anytime soon.

Walnut is a timeless, classic wood species, and medium warm gray stains on maple, cherry, hickory or walnut are also popular choices that stand the test of time. White cabinets are still a popular choice, but in the near future may go out of style.

Long-lasting popularity for cabinet fronts are slab-panel cabinet doors, which features a flat door over the cabinet box and lends a modern classic look. Installing panels over appliances is luxurious extra touch if you can afford it, making the room seem less like a kitchen full of machines and more like a living space with furniture.

Like countertops, cabinets are a place spend your money wisely. They are expensive, but investing in the highest quality you can afford will pay off in more long lasting materials, ie – no need to replace for a very long time!

Don’t short change yourself on the hardware! If you are choosing for the long haul, choose quality materials that will only get better over time and usage, such as oil-rubbed bronze, and satin and nickel finishes. Be sure to check the “comfort” quality of the style you select as well. Pulls and knobs that are well designed for human hands are more important than something cute but awkward to use.