If the kitchen needs some work, decide just how much needs to be done. Replacing cabinet hardware can make a big difference; updating the sink and faucet have a large impact as well. In any case, stop and think about what needs replacing and what can be repainted or refinished.

Kitchen remodel in bellingham

Bathrooms are next on the to-do list. Like the kitchen, they wear out relatively fast, due to hard use and all that moisture. New fixtures make a worn out bath look much better, but if the time has come for major repairs, perhaps it is time to just gut everything and start over. There is nothing quite like the feel of a totally new bath!

Bathroom with Water Closet Remodel

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), floors get walked on, a lot. Is it time to consider replacing that wall-to-wall carpeting with a nice laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring?

New paint throughout the home will freshen things up nicely.

Next, consider your light fixtures – they can become dated and the finishes may fade or darken over the years. Replace them if they are not contributing to the overall feel of the home anymore.

Finally, is the home becoming cramped, due to the addition of family members? Perhaps it is time to consider adding on – going up, or out!