Most of us have something about our homes that we would like changed. Sometimes it’s something that needs changing, such as plumbing fixtures that aren’t working as they should, or that spreading leak under the tile in the bathroom. Enough said.

In any case, what about that sauna you have always wanted? Or that steam shower? New tile on the kitchen floor? The list is endless! After deciding what project you want tackled, do you know where to start?

If you are not a do-it-yourself type, and let’s face it, most of us are not, either because we know a professional could do a better job, or we just don’t have the time. In that case, it is a good idea to start with a local professional organization that can recommend licensed, reputable contractors. 

Rose Construction, Inc. is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County (BIAWC), and the Master Remodelers Council (MRC). These are national organizations for home builders and remodelers, with local chapters in Whatcom County. Their website links are:




After getting some local contractors’ references, you can then go to their clients for additional information on how they do their work and client satisfaction.

So then, let’s assume you’ve done your homework and selected a great contractor to work with; what is the next step? A clearly defined scope of work, a budget, and a schedule for what will be done and when. Be aware that schedules in remodeling are by definition, flexible. If you want a sink, for instance, that comes from China, and has to be back ordered, it may not arrive in a timely manner. Changing any product selection after the budget and schedule have been set may throw a wrench into the schedule as well, and the budget! Be aware!

That said, relax and know that your experienced, reliable contractor has done this hundreds of times before, and will get you through it, with a beautiful kitchen, bath or steam shower! 

Here is a great graphic humerously showing the possible ups and downs of a remodel project:



Chart originated with Dan, in Houston, Texas.