Kitchen cabinets can be:

  1. Totally open, with no doors
  2. Cabinet doors with clear or semi-opaque doors
  3. No upper cabinets, but shelves
  4. Traditional cabinets with doors
  5. Cabinets with doors and pull-outs to make it easier to access the contents.

In addition, you can choose between painted or varnished doors. A lot to consider when planning your next kitchen remodel! The internet is great for providing ideas to help with decision-making. natural wood kitchen cabinets

The other category of cabinets that are important to consider:

  1. Ready to assemble,
  2. Stock
  3. Semi-custom
  4. Custom

Another element to consider is the material your new cabinets will be made of, hardwood, plywood, medium density fiberboard, particle board and wood veneer. Decisions depend on your budget and the quality you want in your cabinets.Compact bellingham kitchen remodel

We are happy to help clients choose what works best for them. When you are ready, give us a call.