Well, the worst of winter is over for our Pacific Northwest, and while the weather here is mild compared to the rest of the country, this winter we had a late snowstorm (6-8 inches), with serious wind. That means we are still cleaning up the smashed hedges and broken tree limbs.

So, a nice new kitchen would be a real pick-me-up right about now!

Be sure to consider the way your kitchen’s look will coordinate with the rest of your home. An ultra-modern kitchen in a 19th-century farmhouse will just look odd.

Be aware that selecting beautiful cabinets is only half the battle-and, in a lot of way. Make sure you have enough storage for all the plates and pots-and accessories like tray dividers and pull-out shelves that will make items easy to find.

It would be wise to select conservative colors for cabinets. For the fun touch, choose unusual pulls, colorful countertop appliances and unique accessories, but select a cabinet that you-and your family-can live with for the next 15 years. And if resale is in your future, be sure to favor the sound choice over the exciting one.

A kitchen remodel is a massive undertaking. Unless your daytime job is as a, say, general contractor, you may want to leave this one up to the pros. Assistance from kitchen designers, contractors and architects is invaluable, but be sure to partner with licensed and insured professionals you communicate well with.

You might want to consider incorporating design for limited accessibility, as you may have friends or relatives that might need these options, or even yourself, if you plan to stay in your home as long as possible.

Invest some time and money in a good lighting plan. It’ll keep your kitchen safe and allow you to set the appropriate mood.

Be aware that any changes you make after the bid is complete will increase costs!


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