Powder room, floor tile


Before planning the remodel, answer these questions on how the bathroom is used:

  1. Who uses the bathroom and how old are they? (Any children or elderly?)
  2. How many people will be using the bathroom at one time?
  3. Do you need a bathtub in this space?
  4. How many sinks will you want?
  5. Is there enough storage?

Selecting low-maintenance, durable materials is always a good choice. Ceramic tiles that are slip resistant are great for flooring, both in the shower and on the bathroom floor. Solid surface materials are excellent countertop materials and look much like their more expensive counterparts.

Sturdy fixtures are always a good idea, and especially so if children will be “testing” them. They will think of ways to yank on them that an adult never would! Select easily manipulated faucets, otherwise they can be a pain for anyone with wet hands if not designed for easy use.

Drawer pulls should be chosen for ease of use also. Again, wet hands make manipulating a pretty, but awkward cabinet pull annoying.

It’s recommended that if your house has more than one bathroom, that one of them should have a tub. Will this bathroom be the one?

How about storage? It’s best to store towels and toiletry items right where they will be used, but if this is not possible, consider having the hall closet located where it can be accessed from inside the bathroom. If you ever forget your bath towel, you will be grateful.

Don’t forget to have a couple of grab bars installed! Everyone appreciates this, not just people who are mobility impaired. A little bit of extra “security” is always a good thing.


two sink lav