Trent from the Simple Dollar, one of my favorite blogs, writes a recurring post called the “Weekly Roundup.” In it he links to his favorite online articles from the week. As I read entirely too many blogs I decided to follow his lead and link to great articles in remodeling, construction, interior design and architecture. If I find new blogs to follow or new people on Twitter I’ll let you know. And, be prepared to see a few “random” articles as well. Enjoy!


Curbly. Admittedly, I find a lot of wonderful information on Curbly. With an average of 40.1 posts a week (yikes!), they mostly post about DIY projects so I can imagine a lot of people who are interested in remodeling don’t read this blog. However, every once in a while they post links to wonderful articles on remodeling, architecture, etc. In that case, I thought I’d keep you updated on their links.

  • Color Rules for Small Spaces” by Anne Krueger at offers an alternate view to the light colors make small spaces look larger argument.
  • Murdock Young” at Delikatissen shows photographs of a 4500 sq ft Murdock Young lake house. It’s mostly stark and white but it quite beautiful and even cozy at times!
  • Jonesing for Granite” has a blurg and link to Giani Granite, who offers both Liquid Granite and Liquid Stainless. What will they think of next? An “inspirational home & interior design ideas” blog featuring modern design.

  • Julianne Moore’s Home in New York” at shows photographs of the actress’ for sale townhouse, which she decorated herself. Full of neutrals (most specifically gray), it is modern while remaining full of charm.
  • Living Rooms From Zalf” features Zalf furniture in very modern and minimal living rooms that look too bare to live in but provides beautiful photographs of the furniture itself.
  • Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Rooms” features small rooms by Spanish designer Sergi. The spaces are, big surprise, very modern and adult-like but show some great ideas for utilizing space. I can see these ideas being very successful in a dorm room, studio apartment and other small rooms meant for young adults.
  • 10 Beautiful Living Room Spaces” shows several very sparse and modern living rooms. Some are more welcoming than others.
  • Bathrooms of the Future.” Apparently these are the bathrooms of the future. I’ll let you be the judge.

WebUrbanist. They do a lot of Top 10 lists and the like about the urban environment. At an average of 7 posts a week, they show some truly amazing architectural wonders, remodeled homes, abandoned towns, graffiti images, art and more. Most of the links are pretty crazy and though you probably would never want to literally copy the work, there are some wonderful ideas you can take away for your own remodel.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Creating comfortable 65 to 837 sq ft homes may not be easy but Tumbleweed sure makes it interesting to watch.


  • Faith Sheridan’s Blog. Faith Sheridan is a Seattle interior designer and, unlike a number of the other blogs posted to here, she doesn’t abhor decoration! She seems to have a very approachable and colorful modern aesthetic as well as offers some great advice and links on her blog.
  • Student Lounge,” written by professor Judith Gura offers a wonderful intersection between modern and the past using theory “from Vitruvius to Venturi, Corbusier to Koolhaas”… obviously a wide range! For those who don’t know, all those names are architectural theorists/practitioners, so it’s worthwhile to read the blog even if interior design isn’t your thing.
  • Daring Ideas” presents some wonderful design ideas and furniture from around the world. The author seems particularly enthralled with sculptural furniture.
  • CalFinder” is a contractor locator service that we have never done business with. However, they have some extremely interesting and useful posts. One of my favorite recent posts is “6 Beautiful Tiny House Remodels.” They often write about solar power. You can also follow themĀ on Twitter (@remodeling).
  • Design Sponge.” Where would this list be without Design Sponge, everyone’s favorite go-to source? Caution for RSS readers: they post a LOT… it’s halfway through the day and they already have SIX posts! I can’t stress enough what an incredible resource this is. A gem on the ‘net.

I have many more blogs I want to link to but I figured it may be too overwhelming all at once! So I’ll link to many more next week. Hope you enjoyed them, let me know if you would like more of any particular type of blog!