New Stainless gas stove, shaker style custom cherry cabinets, granite counters.

Remodeling trends in both style, efficiency and sustainability are heading center stage to bring looks and practicality to every room in the house. There is not better place to start than in the kitchen.  Here are some new and exciting remodeling trends that will completely change the appearance of your busiest room in the house!

Cabinets: There are unlimited cabinet choices; open shelves, roll out racks, display space and wine racks can combine with more conservative contained cabinetry to offer a hybrid of space, style and practicality.

Juparano Rio Granite countertops.

Countertops: Granite is the most popular new countertop on the market, but there are exciting and gorgeous choices that involve recycled materials as well as the newer quartz and quartz composite tops.

Custom cherry cabinets, Shaker style; stainless gas stove.

Updated flooring: Solid hardwood, stone and ceramic are exciting statements that blend looks with practicality. Based on overall design and floor plan, finding the most comfortable and dynamic flooring for your kitchen will appeal to every homeowner.

Lighting: The kitchen is a busy place that needs to be bright and cheerful no matter what time of day. Lighting installation at the top of the cabinets and under the counter can showcase any new remodeling project. Energy efficient LED lighting continues to come down in price with more eye pleasing lighting bandwiths. LED lights also now avoid the brightness delay of the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) while also having the advantage of dimming.

Paint: You can choose the color to suit your mood for the newly remodeled kitchen. Coordinate with flooring and cabinets for a pleasing color scheme.

Latest appliances: Stainless is the classic look for refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and microwaves. New generations of EPA energy Star Qualified and WaterSense qualified offerings are now entering the remodeling marketplace. You can incorporate conveniences such as multiple ovens, configured together, to handle a wide variety of cooking tasks.

Plumbing fixtures: With the growing awareness of worldwide water shortages, EPA WaterSense qualified plumbing fixtures are becoming more readily available and practical. High efficiency water fixtures will both save money on your water bill and reassure you that you are using this  precious resource wisely.