Anyone who has had to use a standard, box-store-cabinet kitchen arrangement knows they would do anything for a decent pot & pan drawer. So when you are remodeling, be sure to include two or three deep drawers for your pots and pans. Nothing will get stuck in the back if you can pull out a big stack of organized pans rather than crouching down, reaching back, and pulling it all out.

Another good use for deep drawers is garbage and recycling containers.

An efficient exhaust hood for your range will properly ventilate the kitchen while you are using it. Be sure to have the exhaust terminate above the roof, not in the attic.

Good quality flooring is a must; wood is beautiful, popular and reasonably durable. Stone and porcelain tiles make long-lasting and stylish flooring as well. Go with larger tiles, so there are fewer seams that can trap little bits of food.

Get a a nice deep, wide sink for those large platters and pans. Faucets should be of good quality – the valves inside will determine how long they will remain maintenance-free, and a high-quality finish will last many years. Be sure to check out all of the options in kitchen faucets these days. Everything from pull-out sprayers to single handle levers and wall mounted types will keep you busy deciding what will work best for you.