Appropriate lighting sets the tone for your home; too harsh and it feels like a warehouse store – get what you came for and leave; if too soft, it can be just too poorly lit to be comfortable.

Any home remodel should include an thoughtful review of the lighting scheme. Get it right, and it will add to your home’s attractiveness.

Start with the outside lights at the entry. Outside lighting is basically an extension of your entry. It can create a focal point when you are inside looking out, as well as providing illumination when people are arriving or leaving.

A combination of task lighting and ambient lighting work well in the kitchen. If you have a seating area in the kitchen, you can highlight the table or countertop seating with it’s own lighting. Colorful and/or artistic pendant lights are popular for bar seating.

Timeless, classic kitchen remodel in Bellingham

Under cabinet lighting is an excellent way to illuminate your work space and see clearly what you are doing. Always a good idea. Plus, when the ambient lighting is turned off, under cabinet lights provide subtle, soft lighting.

Under cabinet kitchen lighting