After photo of 2nd floor addition

A complete home makeover? Well, that’s a bit drastic, but it can be done!

After photo - Bath remodel with granite vanity top, tiled backsplash and new cabinets, BellinghamUsually there are lesser, but still annoying issues, such as the house laid out so that guests have to walk through the kitchen to get to the living room.

Another issue we see sometimes is caused by homes usually being built so that the “front” of the house faces the street. A problem arises when the best views are out the back. We have seen homes where the best views are from the bathroom window!

If you have something that you want changed, we can help with that; everything from re-arranging the bathroom layout, an addition, or a complete kitchen remodel, and anything in between. Don’t let your house get you down, think about what would make it a more livable, enjoyable home, and then give us a call!

Bellingham kitchen remodel