Frameless shower doors installed by Rose Construction

Frameless shower doors provide a clean, modern look and open up the master bath.  has a great article giving the reader 12 reasons to consider installing them in your next bath remodel.

  1. To keep the space open and airy.
  2. Balance between traditional and modern
  3. Contrast modern and rustic
  4. Show off tile work
  5. Make a small room feel larger
  6. Natural light shines through it!
  7. Maximize the view
  8. Can provide an elegant look
  9. By it’s nature, it is minimalist by design
  10. The simplicity provides a sense of calm
  11. If your windows face a natural setting, a frameless glass shower wall connects with the outside.

Go to and find the 12th reason to include frameless glass shower doors and walls. There are 12 gorgeous showers shown in the article. Get some great ideas for your frameless shower doors!