Be aware that every inch of space is important, especially in a small kitchen. While there is an almost infinite variability possible in any kitchen, you will still be constrained in your design by the square footage available. If the area is minimal, you will not be able to squeeze in an island – nor would you want one!

That said, windows and doors can be re-located, allowing for some nice remodeling and relocating of appliances and sink. Be aware that such radical relocation adds a great deal to the cost, due to moving piping and electrical.

For the most part, your kitchen layout can be designed specifically for the way you use it; however, you should research online or talk to your contractor to be sure to keep the design within recommended kitchen layout parameters. This will be to your advantage; recommended distances from sink, stove and refrigerator are based on years of studies.

Here are a few things to think about when preparing for your kitchen remodel:

  • How do you move in the space?
  • Does the workflow accommodate your cooking routine?
  • Can you easily move from the range to the sink?
  • How effective is your kitchen when more than one person is cooking?

Always keep your budget in mind, and set aside money for unknown issues that might be discovered when flooring and cabinets are removed. Wiring may be overloaded with new appliances, and plumbing may need replacing; walls may need straightening and floors may be found to be sagging.

Careful planning and an experienced contractor can bring you safely and happily through the remodel process with a kitchen you can be proud of.