Are you happy each time you open the kitchen cabinet doors? If not, then some content organizing is your first step. Pretend that your cabinets have glass fronts; how would you arrange your dishes and glassware then? Then do it!

If the interior of the cabinets needs refinishing, you might want to hire someone to that. Empty the cabinets, have your contractor clean, sand and refinish the shelves, sides and backs of the inside of those cabinets. That is a lot of work, believe me.k

OK, now its down to the oddly-shaped specialty items. Large mixers, coffee makers, cooking pots, muffin tins and cookie sheets! To properly store these items, you may want special drawers and shelves built as well as slots for those large cookie sheets to stand on end.

Spice racks are very convenient to have; we have had clients request tall, narrow pull out shelves for small items like spice bottles.

Large and heavy things like those oversized mixing machines can be stored in sturdy pull out shelves, or on the counter, but behind small appliance “garage doors.”

Kitchen storage pull outs