Who couldn’t use more storage? Everyone needs an organized storage system, or even just a place to put the clean towels in the bathroom. Here are some ideas:

Open the drywall and install shelving inside the wall to create storage cubbies between the studs.Custom Bathroom Cabinets Rose Construction Remodelers

Install platform storage that hangs from the garage ceiling. Camping gear that only gets used in the summer? Skiis, and showshoes that only get used in the winter? Stash those things safely out of the way when not in use.

Use the space under stairs to store things; this may take some expert carpentry skills! The storage can be accessed from the side, or even by creating shallow drawers for each step.

A nice bench can be built with a hinged seat, providing lots of storage space. Basement, built in storageshelves inset into wall

Have shelves added on bare walls or above doors. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding storage space. You might want to give your favorite contractor a call to help you find spaces that would make attractive storage locations. An experienced, expert eye can tell quickly what will work and look good!