Studies are showing (and it just makes common sense) that since most of us have had to spend a lot more time at home, we are thinking about how to make the home work better for us. This means setting up an exercise room, improving the general layout of the home, taking over a space for a home office, to start.

Improving the master bathroom is on most people’s lists; as we all know, that room suffers from all that moisture, and needs periodic work to keep it sanitary and functional in any situation.

Upgrading the outdoor area makes a lot of sense; if you can’t go to out much, having a nice barbecue area with seating, and perhaps an outdoor kitchen and fire pit makes staying at home much more pleasant.

More home cooking has resulted in increased requests for kitchen remodels; anything from new countertops and sink, to complete overhauls.

Here’s one that might not jump to top of mind; improving the lighting in the home. Of course, bathrooms and kitchens are primary spaces for lighting upgrades, but what about that favorite couch in the living room that has poor lighting for reading? And now that days are getting shorter, i.e., darkness is coming earlier in the evening, that outdoor lighting could use some improvement.

Some things to think about; when you decide to make some changes to your home, give us a call!