Small galley kitchens can get hot quickly – invest in a good quality exhaust hood for your stove, and be sure that it exhausts to the roof, not the attic, or back into the kitchen!  Since the kitchen is small, the hood will be a considerable part of the kitchens style, so splurge, and get a stylish hood.

Remember, we are talking about a small kitchen – so you want to be sure to have proper lighting. If standing at the counter to cut up vegetables blocks the light, then you need to add undercabinet lighting.

There will be a shortage of floor space, so having trash and recycles stored in pull-out cabinets will go a long way to avoid that cluttered feeling.

Toss out anything you don’t use – such as old spices. Sometimes we buy a spice for a certain recipe, but then never use it again. Toss it, you will find it much easier to find the spices you use frequently.

Make that kitchen feel larger by a few visual tricks:

  1. Paint cabinets same color as the walls.
  2. Use glass “windows” on some of your cabinet doors.
  3. Choose a small stove, narrow refrigerator, and keep those countertops clear!
  4. Design with clean lines; keep the elements tailored and sleek to create a roomier feel.
  5. Merge the kitchen with the living room by installing same flooring on both, and remove any wall between them.
  6. Open shelving makes the space look larger.
  7. Store items away, keeping the countertops clear makes the space feel larger.

Give us a call, we can help you with making that little kitchen work for you! Even during the holidays, a small space can be cozy, not cramped!


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