Any room can get old, and although it’s parts and pieces may not be worn out, so you don’t feel justified to really renovate the space, here are some things you can have your contrator do in the interim.

  • Paint the cabinets and replace their hardware.
  • Design a new pantry storage to clear up the countertops. If you hate clutter, all that stuff out in the open can be demoralizing.
  • Replace the countertops – this is a very visible update option!
  • Have some roll-out drawers built into your existing cabinets – your knees will thank you for it!
  • Have some undercabinet lighting installed. It will provide subtle lighting when the primary ceiling lights are turned off, and double as task lighting.
  • Speaking of lights, have the ceiling lights replaced – and have dimmer switches installed on them.
  • Have a new faucet installed on the sink – valves wear out, and faucets start to leak. Don’t put up with it!

Sometimes it is the small things that make a huge difference in how we feel when we walk into a room. If your budget doesn’t allow for a full remodel right now, have some of the above items done and see what a big difference they make!