If your house suffers from small house syndrome, be assured that it can be remodeled to be the house of your dreams.

Kitchen cupboards can be designed to go all the way to the ceiling; even if the top cabinets are very small, nevertheless that space can be utilized to capture every square inch. Appliances can be chosen that are compact, so as not to take up too much counter space. A shelf can be located anywhere there is unused wall space, providing another storage solution. Be sure your mini-gourmet kitchen has proper lighting, so all of the available space can be used efficiently.

Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house, so “small” is no stranger to the bath! Some shelving or cabinets can be built right into the wall, providing storage that does not impact on the room. Compact toilets can allow you to have a few more inches of moving around space. In this room, every inch is important! A smaller shower can be installed, but with a curved shower rod that makes a small space feel much larger.tiny attic bath added

Be sure to provide a deck, with lots of windows to bring the outside in and provide natural light. An open floor plan definitely makes a small house feel larger, as one room flows into another without too many walls blocking out the light and creating small rooms.

If you need to add on, that works too! Go up or go out, we can help with that, as well as with re-designing your homes interior.