If you have a great marble countertop on your new lav and a spectacular tiled shower, you still might be unhappy with your bath remodel if every time you try to turn off the faucet your fingers slip and you whack your knuckles against that marble counter.

That’s why the details of bathroom upgrades are important. Cabinets and drawers need knobs and pulls that are convenient and easy to use, even when hands are wet and soapy. Functionality is as important as style.

It might be a good idea to take a look at ADA compliant fixtures, as these are virtually guaranteed to be easy to use, and you can be assured that style is not sacrificed in their design.

Grab bars are always a good idea, whether you need them or not. After all, who has not had a scare getting out of the shower with wet feet and a wet floor?

Rose Construction Inc has a long history of assisting Bellingham area residents with upgrading bathrooms to include grab bars and other features to improve accessibility.