Does your home suffer from “small closet syndrome”? Really, what were the home builders thinking of? It’s not unusual to find many homes (usually a bit older) with those tiny bedroom closets. There are a few things one can do, such as add a two-tier bar (one high, one low), or build in some shelves down low.

But the real solution is to get a good contractor in to determine how your home can accommodate a nice big closet, one suited to fit your actual clothing storage needs. This can range from co-opting space from the room behind your existing closet and make that room smaller by the footprint of the new closet, or building a small addition that will be your new walk-in closet.

What you decide to do depends on your budget and the size of your clothing collection. We love to help homeowners update their homes to fit their needs. When you are ready, give us a callAddition with bedroom, bath and walk in closet