Oh, those small bathrooms can be a pain! However, if it is designed well, you will find that you love that tiny footprint, and can even have a beautiful bathroom that feels larger than it is.

One solution is to keep as much as possible off the floor; select a floating sink and toilet, and since the edges of the floor/ walls are out of sight, the floor area will seem larger than it is.

Finding enough storage for all those shampoo bottles, etc., can be impossible in a compact space. What to do? Have some recessed shelves built in the wall; store some items in a closet outside the bathroom.

There are cabinets that are narrower than the sink that sits on it’s top. These provide some storage without taking up much room. Faucets can be wall mounted instead of the traditional sink/ countertop area. This saves valuable inches of space.

What if that little bathroom is without natural light? No window? You will want the best lighting possible to improve the feel of the space. LED downlights are an energy-efficient option, and can be installed over the shower/ tub area. Have a couple of bathroom wall lights on either side of the mirror to balance out the bright overheads and provide a more flattering welcome first thing in the morning.

Have your favorite tile installed on the floor – in a small space it you will enjoy this little gem of a bathroom if the colors and styles of flooring, wall paint and fixtures are your favorites!