If you are looking ideas on how to spruce up a small bathroom, we have some encouragement for you. A small bathroom can be stylish, practical and, with the right know-how, space-efficient. Just be assured, compact bathrooms can be just as gorgeous as those big luxury bathrooms.

A small space doesn’t have to look cluttered or cramped when you incorporate a few clever tricks. That small bath can ooze style and sophistication.

A walk in, frameless shower looks barely there, letting your eyes believe that the room is larger than it is. Paint halfway up a wall will create an illusion of height; paneling on the lower wall, or a darker paint color will make a small space appear larger than it really is.

It is best to keep a small bathroom feeling open by not crowding too many things into it. Hang towels on bars or hooks, keep patterns to a minimum, and generally make it simple.

Wall mounted modular cabinets are a favorite for storage, due to its streamlined look.

Be aware that the amount of space you have and what the eye perceives aren’t necessarily the same. Play with perc

bath, corner pedestal sink, corner mirrors

eption by having the side of your bath tiled with the same design as the wall. It makes it hard to distinguish where each begins, thus making the space feel larger.