I’m always fascinated by a well-designed small space.  Just because a room is tiny does not mean it has to look claustrophobic or low quality. Take a look at this awesome little bathroom:


This next one is my favorite – I love the warm colors and textures of the tile.

Another great small bath remodel


Choose colors carefully, because colours can significantly change the look of the room. The design of your bathroom depends on the nuances you prefer.
If you wish to design a luxurious small bathroom, you should consider tile color. Light colours and bright nuances give the sense of a larger room. The reflection of light from bright tiles give the room perspective.

One of the biggest problems in small bathroom remodeling can be meeting the minimum space requirements in front of fixtures, this is an important consideration not only to meet building permit regulations, but also to make sure that the small bathroom you are creating will be comfortable to use for all sizes of people.

To help visualize what can be done with a very small space, review the simple plan:

Small bathroom layout

Kohler has a wonderful article that lays out in a nice list of things to consider when faced with remodeling a small bathroom, that you cannot enlarge or do not want to, at www.us.kohler.com/planning/detail.jsp