Glass shower, soaking tub

  1. Make your bathroom more than just a place to get clean; add a comfy chair, some artwork, a side table and a few books and you will fit right in this trend. Who doesn’t need their own space to get away from it all? It’s on the continuum of the spa-bathroom; making it cozy!
  2. Are you tired of the usual pastels and solid colors on walls? Throw caution to the winds and have that eye-catching wall paper you’ve always wanted but were afraid to install. Just do it. Have you seen what they can do with tile these days?
  3. Another popular trend in bathroom design today is to include smart, user-friendly fixtures such as thermostatic mixing valves, mixers that control multiple water sources; and touchscreen operated showers. These devices give users more control over the flow, mix and temperature of the water.
  4. Freestanding bathtubs. They provide striking, sculptural design features, setting the mood for rest and relaxation.
  5. Plant life in the bathroom. What is more appropriate for the oft-damp bath than a fern or two? They look great, plus they are good for the indoor environment.
  6. Frameless glass shower surrounds are very popular, and for good reason; they are a classic look and fit with any style.

shower, glass doors