Well . . . they can be. An old, hard to clean shower, not so much.

So what you need is to have that old shower torn out and a wonderful, mildew-free shower built-in, just the way you always imagined it.

After - Small master bath; replaced tub and shower, installing tile on walls and around tub. Glass shower walls on 2 sides makes the room appear larger, BellinghamYou can have a spa-like tiled shower installed with a curb free entry and glass shower surround. A roomy shower will allow you to have a glass wall, without the need for a door. Very elegant.

Another nice touch is a linear shower drain. These can be installed just inside the entry, and look much sleeker than the traditional round drain.linear shower drain

Multiple shower heads will give the ultimate in a relaxing shower experience. Including rain shower heads, side wall heads and the traditional will allow you to vary your shower experience each time!

Don’t forget to add a couple of stylish grab bars; based on configuration, they can pass as corner shelves, towel bars and sliders for the hand held shower head.bath_3-199x300

Be sure to have fun selecting your tile for the shower; get advice on what kind of tiles to have installed, but colors and patterns are up to you.

bath remodel, shower slider grab bar