After reading numerous articles on the joys of removing a wall or portion therof, to make a kitchen brighter and open to family, along comes an article telling us the opposite. Isn’t that just like professional advice?

Hah! Oh well, homeowners are individuals, as everyone knows, and what one person loves, another will love just the opposite. So here goes, five reasons not to open up the kitchen walls!

  1. Keeping the kitchen closed off hides any mess. The mess in the kitchen can wait until the dinner party is over for cleanup.
  2. More walls usually means more cabinets and cupboards to store things in. The walls of an enclosed kitchen offer room for more storage, no doubt!
  3. A closed kitchen will have it’s own personality. Since it is separate from the rest of the house, it can be aesthetically distinct. A closed off kitchen can have art pieces hung on the walls, bright, bold paint colors, and none of this will clash with the rest of the house.
  4. Smells can be more contained. An opened window, a good exhaust fan, and walls will contain those cooking odors far better than a completely open kitchen.
  5. The isolation of a closed kitchen is helpful when the cook wants to hear cooking sounds like a sizzle or pop. It’s also great when one wants to enjoy a conversation with a friend, listen to music while cooking, or even watch a cooking video you are following.

There you go. What is your preference? Open or closed kitchen? If your kitchen is open, and you want it enclosed with more cabinets, we can do that for you!