What does that mean, and who says so? All the studies are showing that seniors are preferring to stay in their homes as long as possible, instead of moving to retirement homes.

If you love your home, your neighbors and your neighborhood, why wouldn’t you want to stay there? The problem is that as we age, getting up and down stairs and using standard door knobs and cabinet hardware can become difficult.

But you are in luck, in that regard. As the baby boom generation is well into retirement age, the building industry is well aware of the advantages of supplying hardware, appliances and plumbing fixtures that older homeowners want. Style is no longer sacrificed for safety and efficiency, as designers have produced a wide range of beautiful faucets, grab bars, door handles and everything you touch and use in the home.

We are experienced in remodeling for mobility impaired persons, whatever the age. Accidents happen, and one doesn’t have to be elderly to appreciate a well placed, sturdy grab bar, or an easy-turn faucet.