A beautiful tiled shower tends to be a centerpiece of a bathroom. While a tub is often still included, an eye-catching shower will become the focal point and often sets the tone of your design. The right shower can turn your bathroom into a home spa, a sleek modern design statement, or a classic traditional bathroom. In addition to the shower enclosure, other factors like the showerhead and the tile play a big role.

Shower tile must be water proof and durable, and it needs to be grouted properly to prevent moisture from getting through.

Some thoughts on tile size: A larger tile size or a glass slab means less grout, which will make your bathroom simpler to clean, and also a sleeker design that can facilitate easier access from the shower to the rest of bathroom. Larger tiles tend to be more slippery, so if you select a larger tile format check it’s slip resistance rating. Smaller tiles or a mosaic tile design can be both attractive and have better slip resistance.

Built-in tile niche for shampoo

Selecting materials: The most common tile materials for shower floors are ceramic, porcelain or stone. Glass slabs or tiles are sometimes also used for shower walls. Keep in mind the qualities you will want in your tile, such as durability under the wear and tear of moisture, dirt and soap. Don’t forget, those shower tiles should have some texture to prevent slipping when wet. There are a number of tile materials to choose from that fit these criteria, and a good contractor or designer can help you find the right material to fit you color scheme and style.Smaller floor tiles provide better traction in shower

Creative colors and designs: While using a single color and tile design can make a small bathroom look larger, mixing up colors and designs can add a creative accent to your bathroom. Consider adding a colorful accent tile to a storage niche, select a different tile to create an accent wall or ceiling, or pick an area of the floor or a bench to create a new pattern with mosaic tile or pebbles.

Focal point in shower tiles