The basic types are Stock cabinets, Semi-custom, and custom cabinets. Stock are the basic cabinets that every major hardware store carries. These cannot be customized and must be purchased to fit the existing kitchen footprint. There may be a gap here and there that needs to be filled in. Semi Custom are ordered to size and style, as long as you select from what the manufacturer carries. Custom are fully customized and built by a skilled carpenter who has come out to your house, taken measurements and discussed with you what you want.

Door style selection is a significant contributor to the appearance of your cabinets and overall, to the kitchen.

The material the cabinets are made from affects their cost and the longevity of the cabinets. Real wood and plywood with veneer are very good selections for both appearance and longevity.

If you desire custom cabinets, there are many options for pull-out shelving, custom pan drawers, and custom silverware drawers. Nothing will move around! You can even have lights built inside the cabinets, and re-chargers for phones, and other small electronics.

Cabinet hardware are the hinges, knobs and pulls you select for your new cabinets. They provide a dressy look to the kitchen, and allow you to select ergonomically friendly hardware! Some hardware is designed to work specifically with the principles of universal design, with the goal to make living and working spaces more accessible to everyone, regardless of physical abilities.