Remember that time you had to remove a light fixture (that hung over a staircase) and replace it with a new fixture? (I had to do this in my home 2 years ago.)

Installing a light fixture yourself

Wouldn't you rather have an expert do this?

Or, how about that time you were walking carefully down those stairs carrying a heavy old TV you were getting rid of, your foot missed a step just as you neared the bottom, and you slammed into the wall and the TV put a hole in it.  Now, how to repair the gyp board?

What wouldn’t you give to have had an expert to do those repairs for you?

Last year we donated 8 hours of time from one of our master carpenters as a contribution to a local church fundraiser.  It was such a success both in assisting to raise money for church projects and in providing a home owner with some expert carpentry skills for many small tasks around his home – we are doing it again this year! 

The Bellingham Unitarian Church recieves the funds for their projects and community service activities and Rose Construction makes one winning homeowner very happy.