For many reasons it has become popular to replace tubs with large showers. Taking a tub bath usually uses more water than a shower, and takes more time. After all, if in a hurry you can jump in, take a shower and jump out in less time than it takes to fill a tub.

There are aesthetically pleasing soaking tubs that are decorative in their own right, but these usually require even more water to fill than the standard size tub, and take up more space in the bathroom. They tend to not get used enough to justify the space they require!

Showers can be very luxurious and beautiful; especially large tiled showers, and the possibilities of design, color and layout are endless. Showerhead options include body sprays, handhelds, rain head and more. Be aware that some of the innovative options will increase water use and may increase plumbing costs of the project.

A nice touch to include in a new shower is a built-in bench. You may want to include a handheld shower head located near the bench for use in shaving your legs. Another practical detail is a wall niche built into the tiled shower wall, for holding soap, shampoo or whatever. They can be an element of interest and the way you have them tiled can add an artistic element to the shower.

For the smaller shower, fold-down benches work nicely.

Zero-threshold showers exude elegance. Plus, because there is no shower sill to step over, they are a welcome addition for a handicapped family member or a mobility impaired older person.