Renovating so that the home functions better for the residents is a good idea, as long as the upgrades don’t hurt the home’s value or decrease usable space. More efficient homes are also more attractive to buyers, for that day when you decide to sell.

Efficiency not only applies to heating and cooling costs, but also to how accessible, or efficient is the home to actually live in? If the kitchen pantry is located in the garage, that may not be the most efficient location for meal prep, as an example.

So, while there are many good reasons to renovate your home, your own comfort and enjoyment are important factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Safety issues should be considered; for instance, are there grab bars in your bathroom? Is there proper lighting in the kitchen, where the cook will be using knives to prepare food.

Maybe you need more space, or a second bathroom would make things a lot easier during those busy mornings. Maybe the husband wants a man cave, or you would like a deck or patio for outdoor entertaining. Renovating so that the home functions better for your family is always a good idea.

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