Determine the best layout for your kitchen, cooking style and for how your family uses the remodel; cabinets, wall tile, backsplash, wood flooring, kitchen island

An accurate drawing of the existing kitchen makes a good starting point. Your contractor should be the one to prepare this, as they will use it to estimate costs for tile, paint, etc. It should show the current location of appliances and fixtures. It adds a great deal to the cost if you move anything that requires plumbing piping or electrical wiring, so consider this in your budget.

Think about your goals for the remodel:

  • Do you need more space?
  • Upgrade appliances?
  • Are custom cabinets important?
  • Do you need to change the way the kitchen works (flow through the kitchen)?

Don’t live with a dysfuncional space because remodeling is a hassel. Just think, with a little time and effort, you could have the kitchen of your dreams, to enjoy for years to come.

Maybe you won’t need that meditation class to calm you down, if you just have a kitchen that allows you to prepare meals in a calm environment, ha, ha! No, seriously.

Timeless, classic kitchen remodel in Bellingham